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China as an emperor with no clothes?

If we read it we might conclude that why the world did not see it.
Was this time different.
True now bears of China are having ball time and Ï told you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” moment. But the real worry is if China do get into tailspin it is going to be too big an event. And after long moderation, we would have a long period of secular stagnation.

Mostly Economics

Most pessimists of a certain economy/economies have their day someday. So, time is ripe for China’s pessimists and they go abuzz saying “Didn’t I I tell you”? All this while those who built their careers over China’s optimism have been shrugged aside. How quickly the tides turn really.

Jim Chanos the China pessimst is one such fugure. In this interview, he calls the country as an emperor with no clothes. It is still not naked but is getting there:

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