Links for 6 May 2014

Who restored the calm in Markets – Chidambaram or Rajan – ET

NEW DELHI: Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan has received much credit for restoring calm in India’s financial markets after the mid-2013 crisis, but finance minister P Chidambaram feels the bulk of fire-fighting was done by him.

“I’ve done more heavy lifting in the last 12 months than the RBI,” Chidambaram told a television channel on the sidelines of the Asian Development Bank’s annual meeting in Kazakhstan. 

Fisical consolidation with be difficult for the new FM.- ET

MUMBAI: Stagnant revenue and sticky expenditure, coupled with a likely tight monetary policy by the Reserve Bank, would make further fiscal consolidation difficult and the job of the new finance minister tough, German brokerage Deutsche Bank has said. 

Should new govt sack Dr Rajan?– Mint

These articles just dont stop coming.

Chidambram-The RBI Governer should be respected by new Govt.– Mint

Inequality after Piketty– Mint

another article dismissing Piketty albeit sweetly.

An Austrian view on Piketty’s Capital- Mint

RBI Monetory Policy beyond a clinical approach.-Mint

Govt ask RBI to set up a Committe  to look into Banks raising Tier 2 capital- ET





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